ImageVue Admin

Other than conveniently browsing your imagefolders, the admin can be used for the following tasks:

1. Creating descriptions
Select imagefolder or image inside imagefolder, enter your text, and [save data]. Text is also saved on change of image if not disabled in the setting. Use HTML or Templates in the options for more efficient creation of text.

2. Upload images
You can use the [upload] feature under options to upload single images into the current selected folder. Browse and select an image, place it in the upload que, click [upload] to upload all images.

3. Delete Images
Use the delete button to delete selected file in the imagelist

4. Create thumbnails
Create all your thumbnails, either for a selected folder[1], or for your entire gallery[2].

This process is not strictly necessary, since thumbnails are created on-the-fly as they are viewed from the main gallery. It is however recommended, because the first time thumbnails are viewed, it slows down the entire user experience as thumbnails are being created on the server.

On first-time gallery setup, you should run 'Create ALL thumbnails' after you have uploaded your initial images. As you add folders or images at a later data, you can simply run 'Create Thumbnails for this folder'. The script only runs on images that don't have thumbnails yet, so you need not worry about excessive processing

The process can take upto several minutes depending on the amount of images and the dimensions of your images. You can however stop the process at any time and work with any other task simulatneously. You must also expect a slight strain on your bandwidth under the process.

There are a few requirements for the process to run flawless:

1. Your imagefolders must be moderated for the correct permissions, usually CHMOD777, or the process will fail on images in folders where it is not set correctly.

2. Your server needs the required PHP extension GD2, elsewise you will recieve an error, and need to create your thumbnails manually.

3. Certain special characters in imagenames like [&] and ['] will disrupt the script.